Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 1 in Guangzhou

Week 1 in Guangzhou was extremely hard. I was so homesick. I am a "planner", but I had not planned the grief I experienced. Being in China was way out of my "comfort zone". Brian and I were really missing Beckett, Cathryn, and John Scott, we were grieving the comforts of home (American food, our small town, routine of simple, every day life), and Dottie was still most of the time unresponsive towards us.... very few smiles, very little eye contact, and she was still acting like a statue.

The days and hours that we thought we could not do this anymore, it was too hard, God would send us encouragement through His Word, new friends met in China, phone calls and texts from family and friends at home. He continually remind us that He planned this, and He was not going to leave us. God showed up everyday in big and small ways.

I was reminded that so many times God pursues me with a relentless love, and I am stoic, I am unresponsive, and I ignore Him. He continues to pursue me and love me unconditionally. While there where moments when I was "done", God is never "done" with me. He never stops loving me despite me often unlovable actions or attitude.

We had some many people loving us and praying for us in the US, and God heard their prayers. We saw a little more of Dottie's personality everyday. We also saw evidence that she was trusting us more and more. Praise be to God! Thank you, God, for answered prayers.

Here are a few pictures from the first week. We had lots of appointments, a few outings.

Dottie's first smile with us. Day 2

A little piece of home we picked up at the grocery.

Playing in the hotel room

One of many appointments.

We saw another smile and got a wave. Hi Y'all!!

Shamian Island

Starbucks at Shamian Island

Dottie and BaBa

Through the hard, we were able to see God so clearly.

I knew that the enemy wanted to kill our confidence, steal our joy, and destroy our relationships with each other and our Savior, but we clung to the promise that God came that we may have more abundantly!!

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